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Fresh water vital to tourism industry growth

24 Feb 2017  By Contributor

PRESS RELEASE: Tourism Industry Aotearoa
The tourism industry is pleased that the Government has recognised fresh water’s value to the visitor economy, and is hopeful that this can be realised via its new water quality targets.

Chris Roberts

Tourism Industry Aotearoa Chief Executive Chris Roberts says healthy fresh water ecosystems are fundamental to supporting the natural landscapes that are the primary reason visitors travel to New Zealand. They are also integral to many tourism activities such as rafting, jet boating, swimming and fishing.
“In a highly modified, resource-constrained world, New Zealand has a unique opportunity to show environmental leadership and integrity. In today’s announcement, the Government has accepted many of the recommendations of the Land and Water Forum, which are based on sound science.
“If the measures are successful, they will help secure a high-value competitive advantage for tourism and many other New Zealand industries, as well as ensuring we can pass on a healthy environment to the New Zealanders and visitors of the future,” Mr Roberts says.
TIA is a long-standing member of the Land and Water Forum.
Research shows that 20% of international visitors enjoy rafting, kayaking, canoeing, jetboating or fresh water fishing while they are in New Zealand. These visitors are high value, staying an average 29 days and spending $4722.
A healthy environment will underpin the tourism industry’s Tourism 2025 goal of growing its total annual revenue to $41 billion, Mr Roberts says.
“Fresh water is an essential platform for the growth and sustainability of the tourism economy. New Zealand can achieve great things by consciously giving primacy to the preservation and enhancement of our natural resources.”
TIA will be carefully reviewing the Government’s proposals with a view to making a submission.


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