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TNZ launches first collaborative ‘ski NZ’ drive with $900K campaign

22 Mar 2018  By Staff Reporter

Tourism New Zealand has launched its first collaborative ‘ski New Zealand’ campaign with a $900,000 effort to lure Australians to the country’s top three snow regions.
The digital campaign sees New Zealand’s major ski field operators at Ruapehu, Canterbury and the Southern Lakes, co-operate for the first time on a joint marketing effort with TNZ.
The campaign not only promos the seven ski fields at Mt Ruapehu, Mt Hutt, and near Wanaka and Queenstown, it also features experiences away from the snow such as rafting, jet boating and stargazing.
TNZ chief executive Stephen England-Hall said the aim was not just to highlight skiing but to also show the Australian market that there were a lot of other experiences on offer during winter in New Zealand’s three ski regions.
“Positioning New Zealand as a winter destination that’s as good as it gets is in line with our key strategies of attracting visitors outside the peak season summer months and beyond the main tourist centres,” said England-Hall.
“It is valuable to be able to work with the ski industry in a collaborative way that allows us to create a more aligned and focused approach across the regions. The industry goal is to have two million skier days by 2020 and campaigns like this are a significant contribution to achieving that goal.”
Australians comprised 64% of international visitors who skied while they visited New Zealand, said TNZ. Ski visitors stayed little longer – 18 days versus the average 16 days – and 54% were returning.

Visitor numbers to New Zealand’s ski slopes have grown on average by 5% over the past four years and reached 1.6 million in 2017, according to the latest figures from Ski Areas Association of New Zealand.

The number of ski days at the country’s field increased by 8% last year compared to 2016.
Tourism New Zealand worked with agencies Augusto and Blue449 on the new ski campaign.

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