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From Real Journeys to Wayfare

17 Oct 2018  By Contributor

(l-r) Real Journeys GM Paul Norris, Wayfare Director People & Performance Kevin Sharpe, Cardrona GM Bridget Legnavsky, Go Orange GM Luke Taylor, Wayfare CEO Richard Lauder, Wayfare CFO Hannah Ballantyne, Wayfare Director of Sales & Marketing Carmen White, Wayfare Commercial Director Matthew Day

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Wayfare (noun) : to travel or the act of journeying

A sustained period of growth balanced with a desire to keep things simple has led one of New Zealand’s leading family-owned tourism companies to establish a new corporate identity.

Real Journeys is creating ‘Wayfare’ to represent its portfolio of five successful tourism companies in the international market.

The name Wayfare, which means to travel or the act of journeying, was chosen because of the link to Real Journeys, and also because it identifies with New Zealand as a nation of wayfarers and travellers.

But more importantly, the move will make it easier for trade customers to do business with the group’s five brands comprising Cardrona Alpine Resort, Go Orange, the International Antarctic Centre, Canyon Food and Brew Co. and of course Real Journeys, where it all started.

Wayfare Chief Executive Richard Lauder, says that the continued success of the company – which in the last five years has added Cardrona and the Antarctic Centre to its ranks, as well as merged existing businesses to expand Go Orange and launched the Canyon micro-brewery business – prompted the formation of the new holding company.

“Real Journeys as both ‘parent company’ and our largest ‘operating company’ could create confusion.  We want better clarity for our business customers.”

So while there will be no change for retail customers of the five brands, the trade market will see streamlined services put in place over the next 12 months.

Lauder explains: “It is in the international market where the most change will occur over the next year.  We are in the process of trialling new technology to improve all our booking processes to make Wayfare an easy ‘one-stop shop’ for trade.”

Behind the scenes, this has meant head office staff and shared services have transferred from Real Journeys to Wayfare where they will provide centralised business services to all the brands, including IT, international sales, marketing, corporate communications and finance.

It also provided the opportunity for Real Journey’s veteran, Paul Norris, to step up from his position as director of operations to become general manager of Real Journeys.

Outside of those changes, it is business as usual for the more than 1,000 people employed across the group which was founded in 1954 by Te Anau tourism and conservation pioneers Les and Olive Hutchins.

Much like the new name implies, Wayfare is keeping its historic links alive, while maintaining its focus firmly on the journey ahead.


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