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Manager for Leisure and Development – Celestielle

27 Jan 2020  By Advertiser

Manager for Leisure and Development

Celestielle New Zealand Ltd is hiring a Manager for Leisure and Development to build on the success of its established, US-based sister company, Celestielle, as it enters the New Zealand market.

We are seeking a self-driven, management-minded individual to help Celestielle usher in a new phase of growth and expansion, working alongside a dynamic team focused on providing top-flight service to a privileged clientele from twenty countries.

Ideal candidates will possess the ability to not only skillfully manage a fast-paced and steadily increasing workload, but also to share and expand on our vision of building an even more successful company. A summary of the qualifications required is as follows:

  • Unparalleled attention to detail and pride in one’s own work
  • adaptability, exceptional drive, and boundless self-motivation
  • analytical abilities, common sense, creative problem solving and decision making
  • extraordinary organizational abilities
  • exceptional communication and language skills
  • excellent math and computer skills
  • a friendly, outgoing attitude
  • leadership abilities

This position will not be a fit for most people. However, for the right person, it will offer a professional environment of almost limitless opportunity and extraordinary experiences in which to learn, to flourish, and to enter the fascinating world of the luxury travel industry. The position includes remarkable benefits, including travel.


DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS. Success or failure in our industry rests to a great extent on attention to detail. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of an applicant having exceptional attention to detail and taking unreserved pride in the excellence of his or her work. It is, quite simply, an essential quality.

HIGHLY SELF-MOTIVATED AND ADAPTABLE. The position demands an individual who can work independently and on their own most of the time. This is decidedly not a M-F, 9-5 job. Candidates must be completely flexible in working varying hours, including evenings and weekends. We expect the successful applicant to work closely with Celestielle’s Los Angeles-based team, despite the time zone difference. Additionally, because we plan and arrange travel to destinations around the world, applicants must be comfortable communicating with our travel partners during their business hours despite these wide time differences. Our clients are accustomed to Celestielle employees being impressively and speedily responsive. Employees must be able to travel as dictated by the company’s needs.

ANALYTICAL RATHER THAN AN AUTOMATON. We seek someone who is a critical thinker and who understands how their work fits into the bigger picture of creating phenomenal experiences for our clients. Many decisions require thoughtful analysis, for which there is no immediately obvious solution. We expect our team members to anticipate the next actionable steps in any process, often before they are asked to do so. Common sense is a non-negotiable quality for the successful applicant.

EXCEPTIONAL ORGANIZATION SKILLS AND EFFICIENCY. We are working on multiple trips and projects at any one time (both short-term and long-term). Therefore, our team must possess the ability to multi-task and prioritize projects efficiently.

EXCELLENT WRITING SKILLS. Communication is the foundation of our company and we strive for perfection in all written work and correspondence. The ability to write well reflects positively on our company with both our clients and our industry partners. A strong candidate will have the ability to write well professionally, to carefully edit and proofread one’s work, and to adapt his or her writing style to reflect the voice of Celestielle.

STRONG MATH AND COMPUTER SKILLS. Our company works with currencies and pricing from around the world in producing invoices for our clients and issuing payments to industry partners. A successful applicant will have the ability to understand these numbers and to correctly present them to our team, our clients, and the businesses with whom we work each and every time. Mistakes in math are financially detrimental to Celestielle’s bottom line and to our reputation. A well-developed facility with computers and commonly used software is also essential.

ATTITUDE. This position requires a professional attitude at all times. Celestielle employees hold themselves to a high standard of behavior, interacting in a friendly, professional manner with clients, industry colleagues, and fellow employees, thereby helping to burnish our company’s reputation.

LEADERSHIP. As our company continues to grow, it is our intention that the successful applicant will eventually be supervising other employees. Pronounced leadership abilities are therefore an important quality for candidates for this position.


The candidate placed in this position will wear many hats. Our company is growing, which requires that everyone in our company be able and willing to perform any number of tasks to ensure that each job is completed with perfection. These include research, client content creation, communication with industry colleagues, and countless other travel-related components. Some examples of the daily work involved in planning and managing client trips include:

  • Corresponding by phone and/or email with hotels, ticketers, and other suppliers (tour guides, ground operators, etc) to check rates and availability and comparing them with what’s available online
  • Making and confirming reservations and services and building the information into client itineraries and back office accounting
  • Generating and maintaining spreadsheets necessary to invoicing clients for all needed services and cross-referencing them to ensure they match the rates from the invoices sent by all hotels and suppliers
  • Organizing and drafting all content and material unique to each trip in order to adequately prepare our clients. This includes profiles on the various countries each client will be visiting and vital information instructing clients on pre-travel requirements (such as visas and vaccinations)
  • Contributing to developing and improving Celestielle’s back-end office systems to maximize efficiency of all projects and minimize errors
  • Double-checking and cross-referencing all work produced within the company to ensure that it’s up to Celestielle’s standards
  • Performing administrative duties as needed


Personal international travel experience is a plus, but not a requirement

Passion for travel and better-than-average facility with geography

An innovative and free-thinking personality are highly desired

Superlative research abilities

Tech savvy and the ability to identify new technology to benefit our company’s systems (daily work requires proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and all Google products including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendars)

A dynamic problem solver to handle unexpected client issues before or during travel


Salary range: NZD 60,000 to NZD 80,000

This will be a New Zealand home-based position which may require occasional travel to Nelson, where Celestielle’s managing partners will be based.

Initial training will take place in either Los Angeles or New Zealand (to be determined).

Our New Zealand and Los Angeles teams will work together in Cape Town, South Africa during the month of October 2020. Successful applicants must be willing to relocate for work during this period.


1) Applicants may send their CV as an attachment to and type in the subject line: MANAGER FOR LEISURE AND DEVELOPMENT
2) Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview with members of the Celestielle Los Angeles team, including the Managing Partners
3) Candidates for whom we don’t think this job would be a match will be politely notified


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