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Award winning eco-adventure product comes to NZ

31 Jan 2018  By Contributor

NZ Fly-Line developer Alex Schmid (left) and wife Andrea Schmid (far right), with one of the Fly-Line inventors Michael Wolfsgruber in South Tyrol, Italy, last November. Image: Supplied

PRESS RELEASE: Fly-Line New Zealand
A new ecotourism and soft nature adventure attraction is coming to New Zealand, with the first Fly-Line operation expected to open next summer (2018/19).
Fly-Line allows people to make their way around an elevated scenic course, while safely suspended in a comfortable seat and under a supporting carriage which, thanks to its unique braking system, glides virtually soundlessly on a stainless steel track.
Developer Alex Schmid says plans are underway and the first site, in the Waikato region, should be in operation by summer 2018/19 with other locations following soon after. It will be the first Fly-Line in the Southern Hemisphere.
In stark contrast to zip lining, Fly-Line provides a slow, secure and controlled descent not faster than 12 km/h, like a weightless flight through nature. Fly-Line gives the visitor enough time to enjoy the scenery and its peaceful sound. The course provides a range of descents, curves and drops for the special soft adventure “zing” under controlled conditions.
Fly-Line takes the best advantage of the chosen route and is able to weave through trees and above streams, typically 2 – 16 metres above ground. On average, a course is between 300-2000m and can hold up to 200 visitors per hour.
Fly-Line is suitable for all ages, and even for people with mobility considerations. No safety training, climbing experience or a high level of physical activity, are needed.
“I want to provide visitors with an absolutely new way of taking in New Zealand’s picturesque natural environment and forest, with a different experience at each site, including over water and gorges,” Alex says.
There are plans to develop Fly-Line adventures at several sites across New Zealand in scenic locations such as native forests.
“At this stage, we are seeking locations and interested partners who want to work with us to launch this unique product,” says Fly-Line’s managing director Alex Schmid.
Alex is no stranger to providing New Zealand with unique ecotourism soft adventures, having originally invented the popular Redwoods Treewalk concept in Rotorua. He is now focused on the new Fly-Line development, where he holds the exclusive New Zealand rights.
Fly-Line is patented by Italian company Fly-Line GmbH, which has sites in Italy and other parts of Europe including Germany, Belgium and Austria. New Zealand will be the first non-European country to offer the attraction.
In 2014, Fly-Line took out the IAPA (International Adventure Park Association) Award for innovative solutions and excellent design concepts.
“Fly-Line is ecologically friendly with no earthworks or heavy equipment used during construction, and there are no direct screw connections to the trees so they can maintain their natural vitality and growth,” says Alex.
Fly-Line is certified to highest European design and operating standards, easy to operate and maintain requiring only a small number of staff.
For more information visit or on Facebook FlyLineNewZealand.

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