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New Qrious Report provides monthly visitor insights for your area

17 Jun 2019  By Contributor


A timely alternative to the CAM for New Zealand tourism operators and local government.

The Qrious Visitor Insights Report offers comprehensive, regular insights into regions or towns for local government and the tourism sector. The monthly, automated report uses a proven analytics methodology and the most robust location dataset in New Zealand to provide detailed insights into visitors.

Uniquely designed to support tourism and local government businesses, the Qrious Visitor Insights Report provides clear and timely insights to offer more value, more quickly, than the recently-discontinued CAM report.

Presented in an easy-to-understand PDF and delivered monthly, on a date of the client’s choosing, the Visitor Insights Report provides information about people movement in a region, allowing organisations and tourism providers to optimise planning and spend, understand ROI and enhance decision-making.

Nathalie Morris

Qrious CEO Nathalie Morris says, “We’re thrilled to be able to offer New Zealand organisations affordable, timely and automated reports, and help drive smart, data-driven decision-making in the local government and tourism sectors,” explaining that “we can generate these reports automatically and quickly, so organisations can more easily access actionable insights that are comprehensive, relevant and accurate.”

Drawing insights from anonymised and aggregated data, the monthly report is up-to-date and more comprehensive than CAM data, which relied on surveys completed by local accommodation providers, excluded non-traditional accommodation such as Airbnb, and was provided months after data collection.

In contrast, the automated Visitor Insights Report offers organisations a clear picture of visitor numbers to their region every month and provides the international and domestic origins of visitors, so they can better understand population numbers and optimise planning and decision-making.

Furthermore, the report includes the number of visitors to the region and their length of stay, regardless of the type of accommodation they choose, so operators can access insights into seasonality to inform accommodation and transport decisions.

For organisations with more complex or specific requirements, Qrious can develop a Custom Visitor Insights Report that is tailored to their needs. Qrious already works with a range of organisations across New Zealand, including regional councils, tourism operators and ATEED, to deliver insights that help improve resource allocation and planning for events such as the Lantern Festival and the Volvo Ocean Race.

To learn more about the Qrious Visitor Insights Report, visit or get in touch with Emma Beyer, Customer Solutions Manager, Qrious, at, for pricing, subscription details and a sample report.


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